Sunday, November 23, 2014

How To Make Money Using The Product Review Method in Affiliate Marketing #OnlineBizniz

The overall aim and focus of your product review is pre-selling - you are not there to sell but rather warm up your prospects and get them into the buying mode before they hit the sales page. That approach can be incredible effective when you know what you are doing and know how to write it. If you have the desire to be serious with your affiliate marketing, then you will simply discover what you need to know and then learn it. Even though we have some excellent information for you, today, there is a lot more you need to know before you know what you are doing.

You always want to write in a style that reflects your level of knowledge about the product, and you should not cheat and write when you know nothing. Of course it will help if you have some credibility in your market, and if you do not then you have to totally focus on the review. Showing your prospects how credible you are and bringing them into a comfort zone will most definitely help you get the most out of your review.

We hate to have to say this, but when it comes to presentation and impressions you must avoid making silly grammar and other mistakes. The obvious reason is those things create an amateurish impression that will hurt your conversion rates. Be very careful that you present your findings in the right way, and that has to do with your unique style of writing.

If you know about copy-writing, then you should follow common conventions such as shorter paragraphs and sentences that are reasonable in length. People pay attention to a lot, and they will notice and remember if your reviews are on the mark and worth trusting. There are roughly half a dozen to maybe close to ten overall parts that can be included in a review to make it very strong. People will read something that is very long but only if it is worth reading.

One of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind is the genuineness of your product review and how much value it delivers to your prospect. You will see whether or not you have done a good job with your review, and if not then troubleshoot it and fix the problem. We have only touched on a few important elements of effective product reviews; so do more research and become adept at writing them if you want to earn money with this method

Source: Jewel Adkins @GoArticles

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

BCDA Dirty Tactics Still Going On Against CJH DevCo #OnlineBizniz

Once again, the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) are gaining their triumphant battle against CJH Development Corp. led by businessman Robert John Sobrepeña. It’s another strategy to discredit them for the final arbitration that comes closer to an end? Again, another dirty tactics of BCDA?

Last week, BCDA celebrated a legal victory after the Court of Appeals overturned a pro-Sobrepeña decision of the Baguio Regional Trial Court in 2012, which issued an injunction against the BCDA’s move to eject the businessman. The Court of Appeals ruled that the P736-million bond posted by the Sobrepeña group for its case in the Baguio RTC, via a firm known as First Integrated Bonding and Insurance Corp., was invalid. According to BCDA, the firm was not accredited by either the Insurance Commission or the Supreme Court to conduct business with any court in the country.
The BCDA’s move to acquire the camp would mean chaos that could ruin the CJHDevco and Camp John Hay as a whole. Besides, BCDA has no right at this moment and should wait for the finality of Baguio RTC and Singapore court.

The BCDA’s playing another dirty propaganda by misleading locators and shareholders when it issued a Notice to Investors claiming the CA had lifted the injunction against BCDA making it appear that CJHDevCo’s no longer in-charge of the camp. The announcement brought panic to CJH DevCo that the camp could be treated by investors as negative element for their revenues.

The CJH DevCo in Baguio City has warned the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) from forcibly taking over the area pending the resolution of their case with the Court of Appeals (CA). The warning letter to BCDA has proper declaration done by the camp developers. Any act toward this, whether verbal or physical, only shows a lack of observance and total disregard for due process and the rule of law, the consequence of which shall be harmful and prejudicial to the well-being and safety of our locators, buyers, investors and visitors in the camp.

The CJH DevCo issued a warning letter to BCDA’s Arnel Casanova that any attempt of an illegal takeover of the camp is clearly illegal and criminal. BCDA will observe and respect the legal process and restrain itself from any negative move at present. CJHDevco would defend its rights until the arbitration tribunal in Singapore has rendered a final ruling, and the Baguio RTC has decided the case with finality.
Moreover, BCDA tactics couldn’t be disregard by the present management because of its huge capabilities to discredit and make the battle a winner. They won’t stop pestering CJH DevCo until it’ll give-in to BCDA’s demand.

This announcement adds to the laurels of BCDA in the eyes of the Singaporean tribunal. Which was why, the news could also conform for the argument they are clamoring about.

Even though how hard for CJH DevCo to comprehend, they should always abide by the decision of the court for finality. It’s been their right to stop BCDA’s bullying to balance the court’s decision in the future. For the meantime, restriction for BCDA must be enforced to eliminate harsh take-over.

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