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I attended the Digital Influencer Marketing Summit 2015 last October 10, 2015 at Best Western Plus Antel Hotel in Makati Avenue, organized by Ms. Janette Toral. Beside my table, the Team of ONE NETWORK E-COMMERCE prepared their tables, chairs, and other marketing accessories for the event.

I observed them secretly and my curiosity heightened until Mr. Jason de la Rosa and Mr. Marc Concio discussed about it at the stage.

The Founder: Marc Concio

Jason de la Rosa

Jason dela Rosa and the Author

I was attracted by the concept of ONE company and really believed their vision and mission in the future. Want to know more about this new concept of online business? Read on because it can help you with your financial success.

The History

While stuck in traffic in 2014, Marc and Jason, who both have intensive background on sales, communications and technology wanted to create an all-in-one business platform that:

1.) can be done on the side
2.) can be managed anywhere (even on traffic or when on a vacation!)
3.) takes up little capital
4.) reaches a large market, and
5.) has a big opportunity for growth

They thought of merging e-commerce into other various essential applications: bills payment, loading center and a rewards program.

The goal was simple: create online entrepreneurs where every Filipino can afford to sell on a game-changing platform.

ONE Network E-commerce (ONE) is born.

First launched in the Philippines – it has reached other countries such as the US, UK, Australia, India, Indonesia and Taiwan – where it will soon be launched. From using a small table with eight (8) chairs in Ortigas and finally growing to have an office in a 2,500 sq meter floor area in the emerging Aseana Business District, truly, ONE has reached such exponential growth.

Boasting of celebrities as a part of their seller’s group, thousands of built-in products to re-sell, online payment features and logistics and customer service support, ONE has created a powerful platform that gives you all the necessary tools to be an e-commerce superstar.

Visit the website to register: ONE NETWORK ECOMMERCE WEBSITE

Ara's Secret Online Store

Ara Mina with the Author

ONE Network E-Commerce have many helpful Service Features:

ONE managed to merge essential service features into a united system to create an all-on-one platform for online businesses.

Grab Concept

Grab other products to sell. With little or no capital to buy products, ONE has access to thousands of merchants so you can instantly resell products online. Let other people market your products by allowing thousands of ONE online stores to “grab” your products, deals and promo in their stores. A unique feature only ONE has in the world.

Celebrity Merchants

Hundreds of celebrities (and growing) are signing up to have an online store with ONE. You can resell their products or if a celebrity likes the products and services you are selling, they can grab it from your store and be resellers – instant celebrity promotion for FREE!

Rewards system

Affiliate and rewards program allows consumers to earn by referrals therefore, increasing sales for you!

Online Payment Facility

Through ONE’s partnership with VMONEY, members can instantly and securely send, receive and transfer money anytime, anywhere using VMoney’s prepaid mastercard. You can even use it abroad!

Loading Center

To add more essential features in the ONE platform, ONE’s partnership with Load Central allows your subscription to be used as a loading facility for all forms of prepaid accounts.

Product and Voucher/Service Uploading

ONE understands that your business is ever changing and evolving. You may be selling products one day and switch to services the next. So, we thought, why not both? Through your dashboard, you can choose to upload both products or discount vouchers to sell.

Customer Service Support

ONE has invested in providing the best customer service facility, training and system, to give you access to technical support and information wherever you are. Your customer’s happiness is our main concern.

Logistic Support

Through ONE Express (ONEX), we pick up the products from your doorstep and deliver them to your customer’s doorstep. We also do cash in deliveries within Metro Manila.

Easy to Use Dashboard with Store Templates

Manage your entire online business anytime, anywhere using our easy to use dashboard. Choose from the many pre-designed templates and launch your online store with its own unique flavor and branding.

Watch these training videos for you to fully understand the concept of ONE.

Introducing--our training videos are finally here!




ONE - How it works

How does ONE work? What is ONE all about?

Need help logging in to your account? How do you log in?

Having problems uploading your store logo and updating your store name? How to change it?

How to customize your store through ONE's pre-designed templates

What are sliders? How can you add sliders?

Ready to sell? It's time to upload your products!

How to process your orders and deliver them to your buyers

LACHICA ONLINE SHOPPING MALL was born last October 17, 2015 - a new online store from One Network Ecommerce who paved the way in upgrading my online endeavor. They have much to offer to all Filipinos when it comes to selling products online. It's a packaged of positive distribution, easy shopping, availability of different products to choose, trusted and reliable transaction rolled into ONE.

I attended the orientation and training done by ONE Network Ecommerce staff together with Ms. Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino - an online marketing expert and other participants.

LACHICA ONLINE SHOPPING MALL offers multiple-collexxions to choose from different products coming from different suppliers like Kids/Children, Gadgets, Beauty, Fitness/Wellness, Bags/Belts, Sports, Shoes, School, Books, Household, Food, DIY/Hardware, Electronics/Appliances, Perfumes, Jewelry, Men's and Women's Collexxions.

An all-in-one online shopping mall with trusted and reliable transaction from ONE Network Ecommerce.

Click the link to visit my ONE store and enjoy easy and trusted shopping: LACHICA ONLINE SHOPPING MALL

Contact Numbers:

Fernando Lachica
Mobile Number: 09055431012
Landline: 046-9705182

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Online Freelance Writing, Its Origin and Advantages #OnlineBizniz #bloggys2015

Online freelance writing jobs are viable earning source for every one who has writing expertise, a little extra time and want to earn some additional money. Whatsoever the reason but in recent days, people are adopting this as full time career, many individuals are there who have shifted their career to freelance writing.

Many amateur writers who were writing to satisfy their creative urge have now turned towards this earning medium that requires almost nothing except writing skills. Before the advent of internet world, writers had very limited fields to show their talent above all, to earn through their creative skills. With the explosive growth of internet, it opened up a huge space or a world of opportunities for professional, amateur, full time or part time writers.

This fast communication means has brought a lot of ease and comfort for the world as there is not even a single chore that can not be executed online. Online Freelance writing emerged because of immense need of content, when business, information and entertainment domains were shifted to online platform then for presentation and advertisement of these domains, need of online content in various forms grew. To cope with the situation, the people, corporate, website owners or different services ask writers to write their promotional content online. This trend then progressed and taken the form of a full fledge writing profession or online writing industry. Writers can now easily get the writing opportunities; they execute their work and receive their earning online.

It is quite interesting that freelance writing training and guidance can acquire through the same medium, it is a kind of interconnected procedure or a cycle. Writers are getting basic online training, afterward get the work, execute the task and the work later publish to any site or a webpage. Freelance writers are required to write for different writing categories like web content writing, essays for graduate student help, short stories and e-magazines etc.

Among these writing categories, web content writing is the simplest earning mode by which one can start his online freelance writing career. If one really wants to pursue a freelance career then there are various online portals that publish writing jobs. Many sites exclusively deal in freelance writing opportunities.

Most significant aspect of this trend is anyone can get connected to any freelance work provider site anywhere in the world. There isn't any set criterion or stern obligation in this regard. For writing content, writer can easily get a lot of information material and online data resources that are open for everyone. Another writing opportunity that can be easily adopted by an individual that is academic assignments and essay writing, it is one more method to earn money online.

Through a web search, you would get numerous assignments that suit your writing talent. If you feel you have more advanced writing skills then you can turn to short story writing and e-magazines. If you have time, writing passion and specific expertise that are necessary for online writing then you can easily adopt this feasible online freelance writing profession.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

CJHDevCo and Third Parties Are Contented for CA Decision #OnlineBizniz

The Court of Appeals (CA) decision confirms third party homeowners are buyers in good faith and not a party to the arbitration. CJHDevCo has to be paid by BCDA before they vacate, otherwise it is status quo. This is what other concerned people are expecting inside the Camp John Hay. They are really fated to experience the rigors of legal implications before this CA decision.

CJHDevCo expressed satisfaction in its interpretation that residential sub-lessors aren’t covered by the arbitration and can, presumably, stay without a separate arbitration or civil case, and that CJHDevCo cannot be made to leave before it is paid by BCDA.

The turn of events for this longest running legal case preceded more agonizing moments for the leaders than anything else happened beforehand. We could think differently about the ways in which Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCo) molded their stands ever since. Like the character of the BCDA President Arnel Casanova who made things hard for the businessmen inside the camp. Bob Sobrepena too, got the real first hand legal battle that continued until now.

The CA decision is just nominal solutions for some but it gave greater scope for CJHDevCo and third parties. The BCDA “Deed of Assignment” was a coercive action for some businessmen and only gave bad image for Arnel Casanova. His actions are not aligned for his ambitious-personal gain altogether.

The CA directed BCDA - to respect and not to disturb the various contracts of the third parties occupying the leased premises because they acquired in good faith. They are not part of CJHDevCo’s legal implications with BCDA. The Aquino Administration must mediate for this case immediately to win back investors and tourists inside the Camp Hohn Hay.

The revenue of Baguio City is needed by the city council and residents. Likewise, Mayor Domogan cited and pushed the 19 conditions from BCDA as the first move to eliminate the war between the two sides. It lowered the fire for the meantime, but people should be aware about the wrath of the BCDA President. He has the power over some contracts and authority to choose for the betterment of the camp.

Moreover, this case turned out to be interesting for some business people, and very degrading for others. But the fact remains that this is under the PPP program of President Aquino. He knew what in-store for this tourist’s place and can do positive recommendation coming from his Administration. This place is huge in nature and really need leaders to uplift the development of Camp John Hay and the scope in developing the activities that can enhance the image locally and worldwide.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Twists And Turns Of BCDA President #OnlineBizniz

It’s a fact that BCDA President Arnel Casanova had dome so much damaged for Camp John Hay and the people of Baguio City? Until to this date, he had molded his intention to evict CJHDevCo, third parties, lessees and businessmen inside the camp.

CJHDevCo’s waiting for the payment of the BCDA that the tribunal court decision had decided for in favor for Bob Sobrepena Group. But what happened was armed men were used to intimidate the whole process. BCDA must pay the 1.42B pesos first and CJHDevCo will leave the camp.

BCDA President Arnel Casanova’s management-style has a hint of cowardice and coerciveness unto the third parties of businessmen, who respected the contracts under CJHDevCo. Likewise, he should stop evicting the third party investors for they are the heart and soul of Camp John Hay.

The Aquino Administration created the PPP for the good of the investors and the business arena in the Philippines. But Arnel Casanova mishandled this program because of his hidden agenda and personal vendetta for CJHDevCo. What he can do is to make this program workable for private and public businesses.

The result is nothing but negative aspects of BCDA. The Aquino Administration must kick this man and find a better person to manage the BCDA. There’s lots of qualified Filipino who can run this BCDA with proper forum and considerate for the businessmen and their endeavors.

The Baguio City Mayor will continue to pursue the BCDA with the 19 conditions set by them; the only chance for the mayor to lead the crusade against BCDA. Likewise, the people of Baguio City are behind for this agreement.

It’s therefore that BCDA had managed to give extra twist for every legal aspect that they have faced into. The ways that BCDA had acted into its legal contracts were nothing but a mere circus in nature. Why he cannot properly manage the camp without much fuzz and problems? Paying the 1.42B pesos to CJHDevCo will eventually cease the knitty-gritty that are shadowing him with his endeavor.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mayor Mauricio Domogan Will Pursue The 19 Conditions Against BCDA #OnlineBizniz

The BCDA and CJHDevCo are presently involved in an ugly word and legal conflict and engaging in another discord this time involving the city government would be onerous for all concerned. It’s the BCDA who reclaim the camp against CJHDevCo which was nearing its finalization. And, the Baguio City government was in the position to claim its worth.

Baguio City Mayor Domogan called a meeting for the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) President Arnel Paciano Casanova and John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC) President Jamie Eloise Agbayani to clear out things under the agreement, known as “19 conditions” that set-forth along with the management of Camp John Hay.

The mayor was hoping that these bodies will continue to respect our authority and recognize the conditions which were approved by the BCDA board and recognized by the previous BCDA officials. Because they showed their disregard for the conditionalities when they recently questioned the City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAO)’s authority to enforce the building and occupancy permit requirements on new constructions within the John Hay Special Economic Zone. It includes the fact that the complete plans and specifications of the master development plan necessitated the city building officials’ approval were the reasons by the city maintains its stand that building permits for constructions within John Hay should be secured from the city.

It’s time for Mayor Domogan to pursue these 19 conditions as far as it will materialize for the good of the residents. It’s also a fact, that the whole of Baguio City are claiming their share for CJHDevCo and BCDA which never happened because of the long legal battle between them.

The final cut for BCDA couldn’t give much as to the standing of the city government and its people. It’s the BCDA President who was adamant in making this to happen. For sure, Arnel Casanova could devise another plan for this agreement with the Baguio City government.

The City Government of Baguio cannot surrender its powers and authority granted by its Charter and the clear provisions of the Local Government… to govern and regulate business establishments within its territorial jurisdiction, Camp John Hay included, to protect and promote the general welfare.

Likewise, Mr. Casanova will make his moves to another level in getting the confidence of the Baguio City Mayor in performing his tactics. The continuing legal battle maybe extended for this purpose. The willingness of the Mayor to claim what’s right for them could be the opening arena of Camp John Hay.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The BCDA and Its President #OnlineBizniz

What really happened to the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCo) at this moment in time? The BCDA’s moving forward or just twisting the truth for the good of all concerned or few individuals only?

By the way, the BCDA President Arnel Casanova has every resources and antics to elude the case against CJHDevCo? The recent Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) of sixty (60) days received by CJHDevCo gave them much time to stay at the camp and wait for BCDA to fulfill its legal obligation in payment of 1.42B pesos.

Let’s wait and see if BCDA will pay this huge amount to CJHDevCo.

Why the BCDA President's corrupt government officer:

Mr. Arnel Casanova’s poverty did not hinder his ambition to finish his studies. He got an excellent academic background served him in good stead. Having earned degrees in Law and Public Administration, as well as post-graduate studies in English and Urban Planning, Casanova effectively proved he was worthy of the tasks assigned to him in various capacities. Included in his curriculum vitae was his Master’s degree in Public Administration obtained from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government as a World Bank scholar.

He proved his worth when taking the government job at BCDA in which the Aquino Administration trusted his ability and skills. But favouring contracts got him involved in corruption; accepting bribery from large corporation like Ayala Corporation that has an interest in Camp John Hay.

The endeavour of CJHDevCo inside the Camp John Hay was tainted because of Ayala Corporation. Until at this moment, he wanted the Sobrepena group and its lessees to vacate the camp. Corruption was showing on his action. Likewise, the 50% of the BCDA funds for AFP modernization was not explained well by him.

His humble beginnings and ambition are totally ruined by this bribery through favouring contracts and BCDA didn’t give the share of Baguio local government from the earnings they collected for rental payment in Camp John Hay. Likewise, his excellent academic background changed when he favoured corruption at BCDA.

Right now, the BCDA’s planning for its expansion in Clark Green City, north of the capital, will be bigger at 288 hectares (1.11 square miles), twice the size of London's Hyde Park, to make it more attractive to investors. Bidding will begin soon. But, another facet of the BCDA, that corruption in accepting selected contracts is rampant. Likewise, maybe, this is like what happened to CJHDevCo in the future.

Mr Arnel Casanova has different personality in dealing with businessmen. He has the eye of a tiger and claws of the eagle when it comes to contracts. But, these traits are making him the bad element in twisting the truth. Moreover, he pinned-down an opponent with his propaganda and nothing will ever be suspended.

Friday, April 24, 2015

35 Early Signs That You’re an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are a very different breed of human beings. They don’t just act differently; even their thought processes are different. They are constantly drawing from their personal habits, traits and dispositions to generate ideas that are purely genius or simply insane, at first.

However, just because you have crazy ideas doesn’t mean you’re built for a life of entrepreneurship. Neither is it for those who just want to ‘be their own bosses’ or don’t want to work 9-5 every day. If you’re thinking about being an entrepreneur, find out how many of the following skills you have. You don’t have to have all of the traits or skills; but the more you have, the more likely you are to succeed at being an entrepreneur.

1. Your family is made up of entrepreneurs – your parent(s) is/are in entrepreneurship because they just can’t imagine working for someone else. And neither can you.

2. You abhor status quo. In any setting, you’re the one always questioning why things have to be done the way they are done. You’re not scared to be different if you think it’ll improve things, and are ready to act on your thoughts.

3. You are a confident person – you believe in yourself and in your abilities. As an entrepreneur, you’ll be selling yourself, so without confidence in your ideas, how can you succeed. You’re also every optimistic about general life things.

4. You’re a passionate person. Sometimes, you will invest hours in some project without realizing much gain from it. Only passion will keep you going in those times.

5. You’re relentless, you never give up and you never take no for an answer.

6. You have an uncanny ability to build relationships from thin air because you know how to join the dots. People are drawn towards you, sometimes because of your passion, but mostly because people like to be around you.

7. You spend more time with your business partner than you do your significant other.

8. You dropped out of college: see Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates (As a disclaimer, they dropped out of Harvard, not the local community college).

9. Your home to work commute consists of a journey from your bedroom to the sitting room.

10. You suck at being employed. You’ve probably been fired a couple of times. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. About half of all entrepreneurs get fired more than once in their lives. Sometimes it’s just in the DNA; you’re not a bad person.

11. You cannot hold down a day job for too long a time, mostly because you’re always resisting authority and don’t take orders very well.

The Boss at Your Old Job

12. You believe that job security can be defined in more than one way: for instance, working in a job where you’re in control and therefore secure about your future, rather than working for someone who can ruin your entire career in one move because of some mistake, or because they can.

13. Your wardrobe is primarily made up of T-shirts, which were probably purchased at SXSW. If you’re more advanced, you’ve printed out a couple with your business name and/or logo.

14. You’re naturally competitive, but you take losses in stride. You know that you can do better next time.

15. The first thing you do when you get up is check out GitHub.

16. You’re unemployable; but that is not necessarily a bad thing. You’ll be better served by acquiring life skills than being privy to the office politics that characterize most 9-5 deals.

17. Your work week comprises more than 60 hours, but you make less than you did when you were holding that per-hour job at the local diner in high school.

18. You want to have control and final say over a company of your own. Therefore, you’re hands-on about most things that are taking place at your business.

19. Everything you see gives you an idea, you see opportunities everywhere you look. When you get in a building for instance, you’re more interested in how much it’s worth and what businesses/companies it hosts.

20. When you hear the word ‘pitch’, your mind does not go to baseball.

21. The last personality test that you took branded you as a ‘reformer type person’ – purpose-oriented, self-controlled with perfectionist tendencies.

22. You know how many power outlets there are in your favorite coffee shop, and every time you walk into a new place, that’s the first thing you notice.

23. You have a logical thinking brain and can find methodical ways to assess the overall situation, and create solutions to an existing problem.

24. While we’re on the subject, you’ve tried to find an app for problem-solving. Finding none, you proceeded to create business models and software architectural plans just to find out whether it’s really workable.

25. Your communication skills are off the charts. You can connect with people and they with you.

26. Your mantra for success and keeping it together was drawn from something Steve Jobs said.

27. When you were a kid, you probably sold stuff from lemonade stands. Anytime there were class sale projects, you were among the highest sellers.

28. Majority of your SMS alerts are from Twitter about your followers rather than the people who are actually in your contact list.

29. You are a self-starter – you start projects and work on them until you’ve seen them through.

30. Everything you do every day is measured in terms of delivery of returns on investment.

31. Your suits are in the closet gathering dust. You like to dress shabby chic or smart casual. You’d pick jeans and a t-shirt over suits any day.

32. You’re not bound in by reality. This is a good thing for innovators or inventors, and entrepreneurs have a better chance at succeeding if they’re both.

33. You’re always thinking outside the box. You’re not bound by rules or norms. If you were, how would anything ever change?

34. You accept various forms of payment because ‘some things are way cooler than money’ –game tickets, devices, baseball cards, shoes and other things that tickle your fancy.

35. Your definition of holiday is that working day where nothing interferes with all the stuff that you want to do.

Entrepreneurship is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. More than that, it’s who someone is. Entrepreneurs have an interesting combination of insanity, rebellion and obsession. If left unchecked they would probably be on the frontlines of a coup, with their innate brilliance, inquisitiveness and a healthy dose of foolhardiness.

All indications are that it should never work, but for some reason, for this unique group of people, it’s the perfect recipe for success.

Resource: Emory Rowland @Clickfire

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) written proposals had acted to its most deadly venom against CJHDevCo’s locators, lessees and tenants that if they assigned their rights to lay claims against CJHDevCo, BCDA would not evict them but reward them with continuing lease over their properties under the original period agreed upon with CJHDevCo. It’s really happening to them that their actions moved by BCDA’s Deed of Assignment. The ploy of BCDA has greater effect to the businesses inside the Camp.

BCDA’s threatening locators, unit owners and sub-lessees who entered into contracts for a 50-year lease that they could be evicted if they do not assign their contracts with BCDA. The proposal clearly exposes the parties concerned to graft and corruption since once the properties of locators, lessees and tenants are returned to BCDA, BCDA cannot dispose them without the proper public bidding to these properties. Thus, giving their rights to the BCDA whims could create another level of legal battle against each other. Sad to say, that Camp John Hay’s image as tourist destination’s damaged by this never ending drama of Arnel Casanova.

By the way, locators, unit owners and sub-lessees that entered into contracts with CJHDevco before are all strangers to the BCDA-CJHDevco controversy and not parties to it. Under the law, they are possessors in good faith and cannot be deprived of their property under the Constitution. The Deed of Assignment the BCDA is seeking - is actually a ploy to evict locators, unit owners and sub-lessees from their properties, since they will be confirming the legal position of the BCDA. Aside from this, BCDA cannot ensure fulfilment of their promise not to evict locators, unit owners and sub-lessees.

Through the dirty ways of Arnel Casanova, the locators, lessees and tenants sued CJHDevCo according to their Deed of Assignment employed by BCDA. The BCDA should be suednot the CJHDevCo because of not honouring their rights to their properties and possessions in the camp.

The leadership of Arnel Casanova of BCDA caused unnecessary tension and uncertainty, which is bad for tourism and for business in general. It caused the negative element in pushing up the development of Baguio City and its people. Moreover, his propaganda to pin-down Robert Sobrepena with this case caused so many bad elements in the name of the government. Likewise, his actions with nothing to be considered from the court or other leaders meant for his uncharacterized personality to manage the government institution.

His arrogant behaviour and dirty tactics are more pronounced through the Deed of Assignment which nullified the rights of locators, lessees and tenants. They were subdued to their own understanding because BCDA had done the new beginning of Camp John Hay.

The tribunal decision states CJHDevCo will return the property “in good and tenantable condition in all respects, reasonable wear and tear excepted” interpreting it as a clean slate of property ready for occupancy. The agreement with CJHDevCo was terminated, 3rd party lessees contracts were also automatically terminated with the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc. having no mention of lessees?

Of course, with this case, it started to create another gigantic problem to all especially the investors inside the Camp John Hay. Right now for sure, they are subjected to uncertainties while Arnel Casanova fought with all his weapons at hand. He is not a good example to all Baguio residents and its visitors. His arrogance bounds no limit within the framework of his job as government employee.

Lawmakers and Senate should mediate to this case as soon as possible so as not to heighten the squabbling inside the Camp. The development of the Camp is needed immediately for the good of all concerned.

Monday, March 23, 2015

The uncertainties and losses, the primetime drama, the arrogant behavior of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) President Arnel Casanova against Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJH Dev Co) formed indefinite solutions which cannot obtain in peaceful endorsement but creating another legal milestone to be created until the end.

Some of the reasons why these uncertainties were happening at Camp John Hay:

The BCDA President warned the Camp John Hay sub-lessees, sub-locators and buyers to seek legal counsel so they don’t end up holding “worthless pieces of paper similar to what happened at the College Assurance Plan (CAP)”. The Sobrepeñas also own CAP, which defaulted on its obligations to pre-need plan holders.

The BCDA President cannot actually move on from being an arrogant person but his new propaganda for Camp John Hay really made all sub-lessees, sub-locators and buyers turned their heads in disappointments.

The Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCo) accused the State-owned Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) of bullying for taking its wrath in inciting third parties into filing cases against them after having lost the arbitration case with the Makati-based Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc. (PDRCI) over the long standing dispute on the lease of the former American military base.

Instead of supporting and promoting business and development for the citizens, BCDA’s hell-bent act of using sub-locators and sub-lessees of the economic zone has already become destructive and counterproductive which is now hurting Baguio City being the host of the former American rest and recreation area where local residents are supposed to benefit from the employment opportunities to be created and the overall impact of the development to the growing local economy.

The instability of contracts and agreements being entered into by government through the BCDA makes the primary purpose of the public private partnership (PPP) doubtful in the sense that there are no bad projects but what are existent are bad government proponents and bad investors.
When CJHDevCo inherited the project from Manuela, they were not fully informed that there was already a pending case before the Supreme Court (SC) that sought to invalidate the lease agreement until it resulted to the forfeiture of the corporation’s economic zone benefits in 2003.

BCDA was not able to deliver its commitments in the initial years of the lease agreement, specifically the delayed issuance of the environmental compliance certificate (ECC) for CJHDevCo’s projects, the full delivery of the developable areas among others. Business problems can be solved through sitting down with them to talk about the issues and concerns and devised solutions for the greater interest of the people. The BCDA administration now has become destructive and counterproductive which is now causing confusion inside the facility.

CJHDevCo challenged BCDA to accept the decision of the arbitral tribunal to pay them the amount of P1.42 billion representing damages and accumulated lease rentals it paid to the government since 1996 and they will turn over the property to the government as mandated under the ordering order to allow John Hay to serve its real purpose as an engine of growth in the city. They asserted sub-locators and sub-lessees are not parties to the arbitration case that is why they are not covered by the outcome of the case considering that BCDA consented to the Leasehold Warranty Deeds (LWDs) it had been issuing to interested locators over the past several years.

CJHDevCo will leave the property only after the issuance of the required judicial confirmation of the arbitral decision and the subsequent writ of execution after BCDA shall have paid to them the arbitral award of P1.42 billion. Prolonging the case would become counterproductive to the supposed purpose of the economic zone which is to enhance the overall growth and development of the city, thus, BCDA must already settle its obligation under the arbitral decision for them to subsequently turnover the property to the government.

The BCDA concluded that a judgement of eviction against a lessee affects his sub-lessee, even if the latter are not sued in the ejectment case because a sub-lessee can invoke no right superior to that of his sub-lessor, and the moment the latter is duly ousted from the premises, the former has no leg to stand on.

The BCDA must think it over and analyze the consequences of the sub-lessees stand when dealing them inside the Camp John Hay. Likewise, BCDA must immediately settle their obligations with the CJHDevCo, so that they can already turnover the property to the government to allow Camp John Hay to move on to the new developers. Making such problems with the businessmen can only cause another level of legal drama that could prolong and damage the Camp John Hay.

The fact remains that BCDA will not actually follow the tribunal decision in full, by squabbling for CJHDevCo’s sub-lessees, sub-locators and buyers. BCDA only wanted the Camp John Hay but not the investors.

Monday, March 2, 2015

As the days had passed after the Arbitration Tribunal released their decision; this case between the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) against Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJH Dev Co) was elevating into more complications with the people concerned. Both parties were doing their share into the increasing legal implications.

It’s being learned that Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) was making an advanced strategies to divulge CJHDevCo’s fraudulent act for third parties investors inside the camp. The BCDA announced they must review the existing sublease contracts of the locators now that the said property has been turned over as a result of the ruling of the arbitral tribunal of the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center.

Businesses and locators in the Camp John Hay area, appear to be the real losers in legal battle of the two parties as the debate has now shifted to the validity of sub-lessees’ contracts.

But Chairman Robert John L. Sobrepeña of CJHDevco, addressed to locators and businesses, the developer repudiated the claims of BCDA, and told locators their sublease contracts will be honoured and respected. CJHDevCo stand was making the BCDA to counter-act their stand with these investor contracts.

Mr. Arnel Casanova’s management-style and dealing with this case had caused much squabbling that made it look a personal vendetta. But even this case had been given a tribunal decision; still, the continuing legal battle remains the same. What other method of transition is applicable for this case, that both sides must conform to the court’s decision and the implementation?

Arnel Casanova had a negative effect on the Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program, which gets 50 percent of BCDA’s lease revenues under existing laws and has not significantly contributed to the modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The significant terms for investors in doing business inside the camp are subjected to uncertainty of their contracts done by the CJHDevCo, which was found to be fraudulent in the eyes of BCDA.

BCDA repeatedly overstepped the MOA/RMOAs to its private partner’s detriment, while CJHDevCo continued to act in good faith all these years–in unequivocal support of the government’s public-private partnership program, paying P1.4 billion in rentals and investing some P5 billion in various CJH facilities and other projects. And, Arnel Casanova had done other misleading statements for his personal whims.

What matters most now, all concerned businessmen and locators are to meet BCDA lawyers for integrating the contracts and finding solutions for the good of the whole business circle. It’s been hard for the investors to assume that CJHDevCo still protect them until the end. BCDA has claimed the Camp John Hay and beginning to start by way of checking the business contract for each investor. The process of finding defect of the contract should not be used as a weapon, but a positive action that needs to be ironed-out.

More than any answer to these uncertainties may come handy by way of exchanging some final statement for the good of the development and the people of Baguio. It’s for BCDA to initiate good example for the investors because they need the investors inside the camp that could help tourism industry and offer employment.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Just wondering what will be the outcome of the legal battle between the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) against Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJH Dev Co), after the Arbitration Tribunal released the decisions?

The BCDA who was expecting to win the legal case turned out to be the loser? I can imagine the crumpled face of Mr. Arnel Casanova who never hesitated to spread the word against Mr. Bob Sobrepena? That he filed an estafa case just to show to the whole world, that he’s in every angle of the case?

What will be his options when CJHDevCo would immediately demand the payment for them and the government has a fund for this settlement?

In the Award, the BCDA was ordered to return to CJHDevCo approximately Php1.42 Billion in rentals that it had paid to the BCDA. In turn, CJHDevCo was directed to vacate the Leased Property and turn it over to the BCDA with all improvements that CJHDevCO had introduced therein during the term of the lease. BCDA was found to be in breach and CJHDevCo was absolved of liability for the supposed Php3.3 Billion in back rentals that the BCDA had claimed against CJHDevCo.

Financial difficulties for the 2015 budget were never ran out and only starting to rise month-by-month. Every angle of project development done under Pnoy Administration was very encouraging but needs financial budget all along. DAP was abolished which made them hard to be approved by the Senate.

If BCDA cannot fulfill the payment of 1.42B pesos to CJHDevCo, it means that Camp John Hay’s still under the management of CJHDevCo which for sure is very happy for the outcome. What do you think?

CJHDevCo made an early announcement about the safety net that binds them and the stakeholders inside the camp. It looks that BCDA lost with this legal battle and cannot find a permanent solution in the long run. Their silence at present makes them aware of the consequences and thinking options to alleviate the situation.

Another point to ponder by the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) is the pine trees inside the camp. As what CJHDevCo had stated, “We are happy with the decision and we are awaiting our lawyers’ advice on its implementation. It has always been our position that the trees in John Hay are the Camp’s most treasured assets. The pine trees are what Camp John Hay unique among other destinations. The presence of these trees posed the greatest challenge to our development plans as we believed these trees should not be cut. As a result, in our resolve to not cut the trees, our development footprint had been substantially reduced and so we had prayed to the Arbitral Panel that the lease contract with BCDA be reformed to reflect a reduced developable footprint and if this were not possible, then a rescission of the lease contract with damages paid to us, instead. Of course, this is another setback for BCDA to fulfill after the payment of 1.42B pesos.

Therefore, CJHDevCo’s final statement were totally sealed, “We trust that, even with the issuance of the Award, the parties will act in good faith and with due regard for the rights and interests of innocent third parties who are not involved in the dispute between CJHDevCo and the BCDA.”

What a winner statement intended for Camp John Hay stakeholders, businessmen, employees, tenants and other partners under CJH DevCo!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Now that the legal case of Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) and Camp John Hay Development Corp. (CJHDevco) are starting to surface with much to be desired by the people of Baguio City. It’s the dream of this tourist place to have development inside the Camp John Hay. That robust employment offers much to the citizens of Baguio City. Even the government of the city was desperately helping both sides to put forward the development.

The stakeholders of businesses inside the camp are willing to accept the BCDA new management. Coordination from both parties must be practiced properly for honest implementation. The on-going constructing of buildings is to be considered for future involvement of the government.

The BCDA claims the Camp John Hay for the purpose of developing to the fullest and maintaining the camp to prosper in terms of giving positive operations which could result to gain more revenues. It’s the job of the BCDA team to initiate good relations with the business owners.

Another point that BCDA will maintain is the conservation of trees inside the camp. It’s being added by CJHDevCo to prolong the life of the trees in building the best ecosystem of Baguio. It gives the very core element in the city preservation program.

But the arbitration decision calls for by the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc., (PDRCI) that BCDA will pay the CJHDevCo an amount of 1.42B before claiming the camp. Likewise, they will pursue the 4.3B for the arrears by CJHDevCo which was gaining while the case’s still going on.

The fact remains that CJHDevCo will not vacate the camp unless BCDA would pay the amount ordered by PDRCI. Moreover, both parties must wait for the final order from the court and cannot take action until such time of proper endorsement.

Meanwhile Bob Sobrepena said, “We are pleased and happy with the decision of the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc.. We feel vindicated by the Arbitration Tribunal in upholding our position that CJHDevelopment Corporation does not owe any P3.3 billion back rentals to the .Bases Conversion and Development Authority. Instead, it was the finding of the Tribunal that it is BCDA which now owes us, CJHDEVCO, P1.42 billion as reimbursement for all our rental payments since 1996. We are happy with the decision and we are awaiting our lawyers’ advice on its implementation. It has always been our position that the trees in Camp John Hay are the Camp’s most treasured assets. The pine trees are set John Hay unique among other destinations. The presence of these trees posed the greatest challenge to our development plans as we believed these trees should not be cut. As a result, in our resolve to not cut the trees, our development footprint had been substantially reduced and so we had prayed to the Arbitral Panel that the lease contract with BCDA be reformed to reflect a reduced developable footprint and if this were not possible, then a rescission of the lease contract with damages paid to us, instead. The Arbitral Panel has granted our prayer in the latter respect. It ordered the rescission of the lease contract and BCDA to pay us P1.42 billion as reimbursement of our lease payments. We hope when we turn-over the Camp to BCDA after the Pl.42billion award is paid to us, BCDA will take care of the 480,000trees we will leave behind. When we took over the Camp in 1996, there were 250,000 trees in the Camp. During our stewardship of the Camp, we planted 230,000 more trees. Thus, we eventually turnover Camp John Hay to BCDA, the temp would be in perfect environmental condition. We hope that BCDA will continue CJHDEVCO’s vision for Camp John Hay to be the leading eco-tourism destination in North Luzon and continue with the development of the Camp with the protection of the trees and the environment in mind. We assure our buyers, locators and sub-lessees that their rights to the properties they acquired and are now using in John Hay will continue to be protected and respected.

The CJHDevCo Chairman speaks for their acceptance of the resolution and reaching out for Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) to conform at the decision until the final implementation. As such, I respect Bob Sobrepena’s action about the trees inside the camp. This is a positive response in preserving pine trees all over the camp.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

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Source: Veljko

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The fiasco or drama of Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) against Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJH Dev Co) continue to evolve gradually and it really shows the flaw of its story. Is it harassment for Robert Sobrepena?

BCDA earlier argued that CJHDevCo, the developer of the former American recreation facility in Baguio City, deliberately chose not to perform its rental obligations despite the existence of retained earnings and other revenues.

BCDA celebrated a legal victory after the Court of Appeals overturned a pro-Sobrepeña decision of the Baguio Regional Trial Court in 2012, which issued an injunction against the BCDA’s move to eject the businessman. The Court of Appeals ruled that the P736-million bond posted by the Sobrepeña group for its case in the Baguio RTC, via a firm known as First Integrated Bonding and Insurance Corp., was invalid. According to Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), the firm was not accredited by either the Insurance Commission or the Supreme Court to conduct business with any court in the country.

The BCDA’s playing another dirty propaganda by misleading locators and shareholders when it issued a Notice to Investors claiming the CA had lifted the injunction against BCDA making it appear that CJHDevCo’s no longer in-charge of the camp. The announcement brought panic to CJH DevCo that the camp could be treated by investors as negative element for their revenues.

Last December 19, 2014, the Pasay RTC Branch 119 Judge Pedro Gutierrez denied the motion for reconsideration filed by government prosecutors on behalf of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), which had sued Sobrepeña for allegedly reneging on the lease agreement he signed. BCDA failed to establish probable cause in accusing Bob Sobrepeña of making false representations that the company was incapable of paying rentals for Camp John Hay.

While DOJ filed this estafa case against Bob Sobrepena, it never will pin down the core of its development, thinking other resources to finally grab the trust of the Pasay RTC branch.

DOJ never thought once and for all, that their defense’s not that solid and founded by its merits. The case nevertheless defended mutually when merits are thoroughly studied before it’s filed.

When the government intention’s to single-out Bob Sobrepena as the main culprit in the MOA between them, it’s really showing up now.
The result of this case gives the Singapore Court a merit - this Pasay RTC decision in culminating the whole case into its finality.

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