Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Twists And Turns Of BCDA President #OnlineBizniz

The Twists And Turns Of BCDA President #OnlineBizniz

It’s a fact that BCDA President Arnel Casanova had dome so much damaged for Camp John Hay and the people of Baguio City? Until to this date, he had molded his intention to evict CJHDevCo, third parties, lessees and businessmen inside the camp.

CJHDevCo’s waiting for the payment of the BCDA that the tribunal court decision had decided for in favor for Bob Sobrepena Group. But what happened was armed men were used to intimidate the whole process. BCDA must pay the 1.42B pesos first and CJHDevCo will leave the camp.

BCDA President Arnel Casanova’s management-style has a hint of cowardice and coerciveness unto the third parties of businessmen, who respected the contracts under CJHDevCo. Likewise, he should stop evicting the third party investors for they are the heart and soul of Camp John Hay.

The Aquino Administration created the PPP for the good of the investors and the business arena in the Philippines. But Arnel Casanova mishandled this program because of his hidden agenda and personal vendetta for CJHDevCo. What he can do is to make this program workable for private and public businesses.

The result is nothing but negative aspects of BCDA. The Aquino Administration must kick this man and find a better person to manage the BCDA. There’s lots of qualified Filipino who can run this BCDA with proper forum and considerate for the businessmen and their endeavors.

The Baguio City Mayor will continue to pursue the BCDA with the 19 conditions set by them; the only chance for the mayor to lead the crusade against BCDA. Likewise, the people of Baguio City are behind for this agreement.

It’s therefore that BCDA had managed to give extra twist for every legal aspect that they have faced into. The ways that BCDA had acted into its legal contracts were nothing but a mere circus in nature. Why he cannot properly manage the camp without much fuzz and problems? Paying the 1.42B pesos to CJHDevCo will eventually cease the knitty-gritty that are shadowing him with his endeavor.

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