Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fact Behind the Increasing Popularity of the Fashion Wholesale #OnlineBizniz

Fashion wholesale has been loved by all the fashion lovers around the globe. Within few years of it been coming into the limelight, it has become popular among the people because they get the quality fashion stuff at great discounts. Thus more and more stores are now-a-days offering wholesale appeals which also include the designers' items as well. It has become so popular among people that many business entrepreneurs are now selling their fashion stuff online as well for the convenience of the people.

The main reasons behind the increasing attractiveness towards the fashion wholesale

Lower cost

The most important factor because of which more and more people are getting attracted towards this wholesale fashion is the lower cost at which the wholesale dealer offers the fashion appeals. It is common logic that when we buy something in bulk we do pay a big amount but when the price per piece is calculated it is found the price per piece is much lower as compared to the price when the same fashion appeals is bought from the other retail store.

Availability of varieties of fashion appeals

In fashion wholesale wide variety of the fashion appeals are available. Almost all the fashion items including jeans, gowns, T-Shirt, jackets, accessories, shoes, scarf, knitwear's, hand bags everything can be get. Irrespective of the size here any body shape and sized people can get what they want. Here one can get everything that will complete his or her looks at a relatively lower price.

Opportunity of buying fashion appeals in bulk

With fashion wholesale there is a great opportunity of buying the fashion appeals in bulk. It is actually for those people who are running a fashion house or planning to start a fashion house. Wholesale fashion offers them to get the things in bulk and that too in varies colors, sizes, and pattern.

With fashion wholesale all the latest fashion related stuff has now came into the reach of the common people.

Then do look after in the nearby wholesale store if there is the celebrity dress wholesale available. Now-a-days with the popularity of the online shopping one can also search on the internet for their favorite celebrity inspired dress. These celebrities-inspired dresses are reasonably cheaper because the manufacturers take inspiration from the outfit worn on the red carpet by the celebrities and then they do the sort of "copy" of those dresses. This is mainly done to fulfill the dreams of ordinary girls who want to look like a celebrity. Also, many online magazines offer tips on how to make a celebrity dress at a much cheaper price. These online magazines often contain the list of the places and online stores where one can find the celebrity dresses wholesale.

Source: Veljko


  1. one disadvantage must be the size preference... i am having trouble with fitting and if this is in blue, it's really bad on me not to try them on.. and see if the clothes look good on me...

  2. I have bought a couple of times from Instagram sellers and indeed their prices are quiet attractive.

  3. I am not into this online selling/buying stuff bro. But, judging from experience since we have a wholesale stall in Baclaran. most of our buyers' predicament is the sizes.

  4. I guess you can really save a lot when it comes to wholesale fashion purchases. It also gives you more options in your outfits.

  5. I love buying wholesale because of the big discount. That's why I love 168 :)

  6. Same as in buying wholesale in a grocery. I am one of a retailer shopper, and I've seen the difference between the two. It is more cheaper in buying wholesale but problem arises when most of the Filipino cannot afford to buy such kind of price due to budget. They prefer to buy in a retail store because they feel that, with this they can budget their money day by day.

  7. Fashion wholesale is the weakness of the ladies and selected guys :). Great advantage in terms of price.

  8. Business-minded prefers to shop at Fashion wholesale because of the lower price compared to retail price. Even online ukay-ukay is prevailing in social media too.


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