Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mayor Mauricio Domogan Will Pursue The 19 Conditions Against BCDA #OnlineBizniz

The BCDA and CJHDevCo are presently involved in an ugly word and legal conflict and engaging in another discord this time involving the city government would be onerous for all concerned. It’s the BCDA who reclaim the camp against CJHDevCo which was nearing its finalization. And, the Baguio City government was in the position to claim its worth.

Baguio City Mayor Domogan called a meeting for the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) President Arnel Paciano Casanova and John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC) President Jamie Eloise Agbayani to clear out things under the agreement, known as “19 conditions” that set-forth along with the management of Camp John Hay.

The mayor was hoping that these bodies will continue to respect our authority and recognize the conditions which were approved by the BCDA board and recognized by the previous BCDA officials. Because they showed their disregard for the conditionalities when they recently questioned the City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAO)’s authority to enforce the building and occupancy permit requirements on new constructions within the John Hay Special Economic Zone. It includes the fact that the complete plans and specifications of the master development plan necessitated the city building officials’ approval were the reasons by the city maintains its stand that building permits for constructions within John Hay should be secured from the city.

It’s time for Mayor Domogan to pursue these 19 conditions as far as it will materialize for the good of the residents. It’s also a fact, that the whole of Baguio City are claiming their share for CJHDevCo and BCDA which never happened because of the long legal battle between them.

The final cut for BCDA couldn’t give much as to the standing of the city government and its people. It’s the BCDA President who was adamant in making this to happen. For sure, Arnel Casanova could devise another plan for this agreement with the Baguio City government.

The City Government of Baguio cannot surrender its powers and authority granted by its Charter and the clear provisions of the Local Government… to govern and regulate business establishments within its territorial jurisdiction, Camp John Hay included, to protect and promote the general welfare.

Likewise, Mr. Casanova will make his moves to another level in getting the confidence of the Baguio City Mayor in performing his tactics. The continuing legal battle maybe extended for this purpose. The willingness of the Mayor to claim what’s right for them could be the opening arena of Camp John Hay.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The BCDA and Its President #OnlineBizniz

What really happened to the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCo) at this moment in time? The BCDA’s moving forward or just twisting the truth for the good of all concerned or few individuals only?

By the way, the BCDA President Arnel Casanova has every resources and antics to elude the case against CJHDevCo? The recent Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) of sixty (60) days received by CJHDevCo gave them much time to stay at the camp and wait for BCDA to fulfill its legal obligation in payment of 1.42B pesos.

Let’s wait and see if BCDA will pay this huge amount to CJHDevCo.

Why the BCDA President's corrupt government officer:

Mr. Arnel Casanova’s poverty did not hinder his ambition to finish his studies. He got an excellent academic background served him in good stead. Having earned degrees in Law and Public Administration, as well as post-graduate studies in English and Urban Planning, Casanova effectively proved he was worthy of the tasks assigned to him in various capacities. Included in his curriculum vitae was his Master’s degree in Public Administration obtained from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government as a World Bank scholar.

He proved his worth when taking the government job at BCDA in which the Aquino Administration trusted his ability and skills. But favouring contracts got him involved in corruption; accepting bribery from large corporation like Ayala Corporation that has an interest in Camp John Hay.

The endeavour of CJHDevCo inside the Camp John Hay was tainted because of Ayala Corporation. Until at this moment, he wanted the Sobrepena group and its lessees to vacate the camp. Corruption was showing on his action. Likewise, the 50% of the BCDA funds for AFP modernization was not explained well by him.

His humble beginnings and ambition are totally ruined by this bribery through favouring contracts and BCDA didn’t give the share of Baguio local government from the earnings they collected for rental payment in Camp John Hay. Likewise, his excellent academic background changed when he favoured corruption at BCDA.

Right now, the BCDA’s planning for its expansion in Clark Green City, north of the capital, will be bigger at 288 hectares (1.11 square miles), twice the size of London's Hyde Park, to make it more attractive to investors. Bidding will begin soon. But, another facet of the BCDA, that corruption in accepting selected contracts is rampant. Likewise, maybe, this is like what happened to CJHDevCo in the future.

Mr Arnel Casanova has different personality in dealing with businessmen. He has the eye of a tiger and claws of the eagle when it comes to contracts. But, these traits are making him the bad element in twisting the truth. Moreover, he pinned-down an opponent with his propaganda and nothing will ever be suspended.

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