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Legit Online Jobs Review for 2011

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Legit Online Jobs is an online computer course that says they will provide you listings of legitimate jobs that you can do from your home to earn extra money (I say extra because I don't think anyone should plan on a full time income from this when they first start out). The Legit Online Jobs system is developed by Ross Williams and has been on the market for a few years now.

When you sign up you get a lifetime membership that provides you with a resource of over 10,000 (and growing) online businesses that need some type of freelance worker to do projects on the web. Legit Online Jobs claims that a large number of these businesses pay huge sums of cash when you place ads for them, but the truth is, your ad must get enough attention to earn that large amount of money.

But for a second, let's take a look at what I find may be negatives when it comes to using the Legit Online Jobs course. Ross Williams says that one of their main benefits that their membership provides is that they do their best to remove possible scams from their system, but of course, this assumes that you are willing to pay for their membership (which is currently $49.95, not too bad if you make more than that).

As far as Legit Online Jobs testimonials are concerned (I always review these as sometimes they can tell you if a system seems fake or if they are fly-by-night systems), there are 3 audio testimonials and three written testimonials. I listened to the first testimonial, and truthfully it is was hard to tell if this one was real or not. But the second review by a woman named Peggy sounds very real and she claims to be making a good living online using the list of real jobs she got from Legit Online Jobs. The truth is, I've hired plenty of freelancers online to help me finish a bunch of projects online (like websites), so I am proof that there are businesses out there that are looking to hire you for extra money.

But is the list of businesses you get from Legit Online Jobs worth it? I guess if you make more than the price of the system, you've earned your money back and then some. Making money online isn't easy, but I am proof that it is possible. As far as I am concerned, anything that helps you cut through the clutter of garbage such as this list of businesses that need freelancers saves you time in the longer run. And time really is money in the end, right?

One thing I need to mention is to be careful about the screenshot that says "Weekly Sales Snapshot" showing the possible earnings. These are Clickbank screenshots, and often they can be deceptive, trying to show you that you can earn major amounts of money every day, but I can tell you from my Clickbank account that it takes effort, time, and work to get there. Just like everything online (and offline for that matter), the difference between making money online and living your dreams is the work you put into it. Any over-night success story that you hear about is often a small percentage of the pie of real online freelancers. Put in some elbow grease and some real, honest, hard work, and you are that much closer to living the dream of working from home or telling your boss to shove it. I just hope Ross Williams and his Legit Online Jobs system keeps the list of business up to date. Because what is the point of a lifetime membership if nothing ever changes or updates?

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