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Start An Online Business - Without The Hype #OnlineBizniz

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Making a successful on-line business is not an easy thing to do. One of the most difficult parts is separating the hype from reality. If you are new to internet marketing then you have already seen the large number of ads trying to get you to use their 'secret' method to making millions of dollars on the internet.

You will read these huge single pages that go on and on about how rich you will become if you just buy their 'guaranteed' way to get-rich-quick. They will be full of testimonials of others 'just like you' that have become fabulously rich in just a few days.

Do not waste your time chasing these illusions. You will have just as much chance of getting rich with their scams as by buying a lottery ticket. The majority of these scam artists sell your email address to other scam artists that then send you more get-rich-quick offers. This is the dirty little 'secret' they do not want you to realize.

Be particularly wary of e-books that are hyped as being the complete path to success, that have all the information you need to being a successful internet marketer, an email whiz, or an affiliate guru.

These e-books are usually just a collection of articles the author has accumulated over time. Articles they have written themselves and submitted to article directories to promote their own business, or articles collected over time from various other sources.

These articles are then packaged and marketed as a book guaranteed to bring unlimited riches to anyone who reads it. The real problem with this method is that there are nuggets of valuable information buried in the chaff of hype, and it is these nuggets that are used to tempt potential buyers.

This does not mean that there are not legitimate business people who have both the experience and the knowledge to help you. They will make money by doing this, but they will do it by selling worthwhile tools, products, and services.

Another serious pitfall on the road to a successful internet business is getting side-tracked by the tidal wave of information you will be exposed to. It is virtually impossible to avoid this as you are actively searching for the tools and information you need.

You must maintain your focus on what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to build a single web site that sells one type of product or service? Do you want to be a consultant to other small business that want to market on-line? Or are you trying to build an internet 'empire' of multiple web sites selling a variety of goods and services?

Once you know what your goal is you can then begin to acquire the tools and techniques necessary to achieving that goal. Here is where you have to put on the blinders and focus on what you really need and ignore the flood of distractions that will sap your time and energy.

I have been down this road and have learned a lot of difficult lessons in the process. My purpose is to help others save their valuable time by providing tools and techniques that actually work. Am I doing this to make money? Of course, I am just like you, trying to become financially independent.

I believe I can make money by selling the information I have acquired over years of trying these different methods and tools. If I can condense that time in order to save you the same time then we both benefit. You save time by finding what will work for you, and I make money by making it available to you.

Your success will depend on your effort. This is not a revelation, you already know this. But never forget it during those inevitable times when you are discouraged and frustrated. Success is almost never an overnight proposition. One that can be achieved without a lot of hard work and discipline.

Keep your goals realistic and bite off only what you can chew...a little at a time. Small victories will build on each other and will give you the confidence to continue. Dreams are a good thing...unrealistic fantasies are debilitating and a waste of your time. Learn to recognize the difference between dream and fantasy...Now get to work!

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