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The Three Steps to Entrepreneurial Business Success #OnlineBizniz

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Breaking through the entrepreneurial glass ceiling is not easy for an entrepreneur. However, yes, it can be done.

What is the Entrepreneurial Glass Ceiling? It's simple: we start our business, we work all areas of it ourselves. We think of it, we work it, we sacrifice day in and day out. Nobody can do it as well as we can nor can they do it with the same drive and dedication.

We skip time off and go ten years without a vacation. We endlessly hire and eventually fire people always searching for employees that are the clone of ourselves. It is an endless cycle where we are trapped within the limits of time and energy. There are only so many hours in the day that we can do it all. Eventually a limit is reached. That limit is the Entrepreneurial Glass Ceiling where we, as one person, can do no more.

When things go wrong, we go in like a bull in a China shop, shake things up and start again, building another cycle that will eventually end this way. There are very few entrepreneurs that have not experienced this endless cycle. Breaking through is again, possible, with the right actions done in the right way.

What are those actions?

The actions, an outline of what to do, will stem from setting up the big picture goal of getting your business to a point where it can run and make a profit without you. Most entrepreneurs, even on paper as an owner of a business, really only have a job. They are ironically trapped in a job within a company they own. The following three action steps, the "Three Steps to Anything," can begin to free a business owner from their endless cycle.

Action Step 1

Do a thorough examination. No doctor will ever prescribe a medicine without performing an examination, and neither should you. Tinkering with your business can be catastrophic unless you know exactly what to do. So, step back and examine it first.

Action Step 2

Find solutions. Look at everything. Forget whether you like the solutions or not, just list them out. At a later time you can filter through whether they are positive or negative or you like or dislike them.

Action Step 3

Take action. Put the right solution in place for you and your business.
These are the three steps to owning a business, not a job. These are the three steps to breaking through the entrepreneurial glass ceiling.

Individuals and companies who tend to see the greatest success in developing and implementing powerful solutions that help their business to make a profit independently of themselves are motivated, open-minded, trusting of themselves and others, and quick to respond. In other words, they do these steps, they take action.

In business, the slower you react, the more money it can cost you as an entrepreneur. Individuals who tend to procrastinate often don't trust themselves to "fail successfully" and likewise won't trust others. Taking action will put the right systems in place to eventually free you from your job. It will create a business that supports you, your skills and your lifestyle.

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